• Rio Post Medal Race Meet Up

    49er Estore

  • £8.00

  • Description

    We have the opportunity to host a gathering in the Olympic reunion center in Rio.  If teams are looking for a place to meet centrally following the medal race, we can book this space.  It would be available to your friends and/or parents to join us.  The charge is so we can offset the catering and book the place.  

    The location is Av. Borges de Medeiros which is near Yatch Club Rio Dejainerio. If you would like us to put on this event, purchase your tickets now so we can secure the venue.  In past Olympic it has been difficult to find a place for everyone to meet up with various levels of accreditation, including no accreditation for families, so we thought it might be a good opportunity.  We'll only book the room if there are 40 tickets purchased, so if people don't buy then we'll refund any purchases.

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